your BODY code

Understanding your body shape will completely change the way you choose and wear clothing.


Stand in front of a mirror in your underwear or tight fitting clothing, go through the shape checklist below and be completely honest with yourself. If you struggle with any of the questions, use a measuring tape to compare your body dimensions. Do you wear the same dress size on top and bottom? What areas are you most conscious of? Where do you tend to put on weight?

Our shape naturally changes when we loose and gain weight and this can be one of the most difficult challenges to navigate when our clothes no longer fit us, say after having a baby, for example. Swamping your body in oversized clothes can often accentuate weight gain so it’s important to understand how to dress your core shape.

Once you have established your Body Code, click through to find out some key styling advice.

1.     A / TRIANGLE

  • Your shoulder width is narrower than your hip width

  • Your bottom half generally feels bigger than your top half

  • You’ve got good arms, a slim upper body and a nice waist

  • You tend to put on weight around your bum and/or legs



  • You’re conscious of having broad/pronounced shoulders

  • Your bust and upper body are wider than your hips and legs

  • You either have a muscular physique or the weight naturally shows on your top half

  • When you put on weight, it’s always across your chest, arms and stomach first


3.     H / RECTANGLE

  • You have an overall slim frame with no defining waist

  • You’ve got great arms and legs and have with the classic up and down ‘model’ figure

  • You can sometimes complain about being too thin or not having much of a bust or bum

  • You’re a size 10/12 max and potentially you find gaining weight a problem


4.     X / HOURGLASS

  • Your bust and hips are exactly the same width

  • You have a pronounced waist and shapely legs

  • If you put on weight, it tends to be evenly distributed and your waist stays defined

  • There is a broad size scale to this shape, so you needn’t have a large bust to qualify and could be a size 6 or 26 hourglass


5.     O / CIRCLE

  • You carry your weight around your midsection

  • You have no defining waist

  • You’ve generally got slim legs and arms

  • Your stomach, hips and bust are the areas you’re most conscious of

6.     G / OVAL

  • You carry your weight evenly from your chest to your thighs

  • You have a mid to large bust

  • You have slim wrists and ankles

  • You generally wear a size 16 plus