If you struggle with what shapes and cuts to wear and often find your clothing highlights your lower half, get in touch and we can discuss the various tips and tricks you can use to create your body balance.

There are countless tricks you can use, including:

Bell-shaped and waterfall jackets that drape over your hips look great on you. Avoid too much fabric as it can be swamping and generally speaking, it’s best to keep belts undone.

Wearing dark, simple and structured skirts and trousers helps create a streamline lower half. Choose a low to mid rise cut rather than high-waisted. Straight and tapered trousers are preferable to wide or boot cut trousers/jeans.

Choose dresses that focus on your top half with embellishment, halter-necks, collars etc. If you’re going to go short, choose an a-line cut.

The key rule when dressing your classic Triangle shape is to create the impression of an even top and bottom body balance.

Patterned and statement bottoms, or anything that cuts you off at the widest part of your leg, can make you look bigger than you are. Likewise, boots that hit your mid shin can make your legs look wider and shorter.

Adding detail, volume and attention to your upper half with structured tops and flowing fabrics that skim your waist and hips are great ways of creating that body balance.