After the birth of my second child I think it's fair to say I felt exhausted, bloated, mildly depressed and with zero confidence. My husband bought me a session with Anna to lift my spirits and wow, what a difference a day makes! Anna, thank you so much for your enthusiasm, attention to detail and for helping to cheer me up!  I really feel like a new person : )


My shopping experience with Anna was completely amazing. Her eye for clothes which would suit my shape and her commitment to searching through the rails to find the most stylish outfits meant I ended the day with an abundance of bags and a coordinated wardrobe. She was completely sensitive to my needs and supportive of the fact that I had just emerged into the world again after time in hospital. Anna made the day so fun and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for some support when faced with the daunting task of shopping!  

LIAM, 44

As a man with very little interest in shopping, Anna was recommended to me by a close friend. Following a challenging period of upheaval at home, I decided to buy myself a session. And I'm so glad I did. Anna made shopping easy and relaxed and thanks to her I now receive regular compliments on my clothes - a first for me!


With the extremely stressful job of running a large company and with 3 kids at home, I never seem to get any time to myself. Shopping with Anna was a lifesaver. She very quickly put together the ideal capsule wardrobe for me, taking into account my hectic work/home lifestyle. She is a pleasure to shop with and really helped me take the time out to feel fabulous.   

LUCY, 32

Having just started a new job in the City and not wanting to look like an uninspired polyester drone, Anna helped me build the perfect stylish, practical and unique work wardrobe. Her invaluable advice was just the confidence boost I needed and I've started my new position feeling great.


I never post images of my clients (unless otherwise instructed) as our styling process is a highly personal and private experience.