The key rule when dressing your classic Inverted Triangle shape is to create the impression of an even top and bottom body balance. By softening your shoulders, drawing attention to your waist and adding weight to your hips you can even out the areas you are conscious of.

Here are some of the countless tricks you can use:

Never wear a sleeve that cuts you off mid shoulder and focus on wearing tops with all the detailing around the middle so they draw the eye down. Ruffles, peplums and vertical features are all excellent choices.

Avoid skirts that are too tight as they’ll highlight your slimmer lower half. Go for anything a-line/fit and flair and accentuate your waist.

Best to go for wide or boot cut, cropped, flared or statement trousers and show off a bit of ankle. If you really want to wear a skinny jean, opt for something more detailed like a faded denim to add detail to your bottom half.

If you struggle with what shapes and cuts to wear and find your clothing draws too much attention to your shoulders, get in touch and we can discuss the various tips and tricks you can use to achieve your body balance.