If you struggle with what shapes and cuts to wear and often find your clothing doesn’t quite work for your shape, get in touch and we can discuss the various tips and tricks you can use to make your figure look its absolute best.

It’s important to remember that the classic Hourglass spans several sizes so there is a very broad spectrum of shapes here. You all have the same style rules in common though, including:

If you’re in the habit of hiding your waist, the chances are this will be making you look bigger than you are, particularly if you have a large bust. My number one piece of advice is show it off! Most women would LOVE a waist and you’ve been blessed with one.

Belts, tucking in your clothes, high waisted trousers and skirts and cinched in tops and jackets all work wonders at showing off your waist.

Fluid fabrics look great on you as they cling to all the right bits and highlight your curves.

A-line, fit and flair and pencil skirts all look great on you as again they show off