DRESS YOURSELF WELL is my passion project and informs the way I work with all my clients. 

In essence, what we wear and the care we take in our appearance can have a genuine and transformative impact on our wellbeing. I've seen it happen time and time.  

I first became aware of the extraordinary power of a good outfit following my mother’s shattering ill health, mastectomy, chemotherapy and hair loss. Eager to help in any way I could, it was my purchase of two beautiful outfits, cut to flatter my mum's new silhouette, that had the most incredible and lasting impact on her confidence, mood and self-esteem.   

Since then I have worked with countless other individuals suffering from health-related body confidence issues, including those adjusting to life with a colostomy bag, those experiencing the vast range of physical effects of cancer treatment, to those who are wheelchair bound as a result of degenerative illness. I have helped people looking to regain confidence following periods of depression, alopecia diganosis, hormonal change and those with skin and body dysmorphic issues.

The reasons people come to see me are varied and multiple but what they all have in common is a desire to look their best, increase their confidence, and regain a sense of identity.

My approach to styling is best described as visual therapy: looking good can help us to feel better.

I am deeply sensitive and empathatic to the various challenges that people face following ill health and emotional upheaval and would love to hear from anyone who thinks I could be of help to you or someone you know.