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The Triangle.

If you’re a Triangle, the chances are your number one gripe is anything to do with your bum/thighs/calves/lower half. Here’s a quick recap on the key body traits of a Triangle:

• Your shoulder width is narrower than your hip width
• Your bottom half generally feels bigger than your top half
• You’ve got good arms, a slim upper body and a nice waist
• You tend to put on weight around your bum and/or legs

Sound familiar? Do you find shopping and choosing clothes that flatter your shape a real mood-dampening kerfuffle? Well, you’re not alone. All too often my clients bemoan the traumas of failed shopping trips and the evils of high street brands that make their clothes too small and their bums look too big. Here is the secret ladies: Shop with an understanding of what shapes suit you and the whole experience will become less stressful and more bountiful.

The key rule when getting dressed is to create the impression of an even top and bottom body balance. This means avoiding things like patterned and statement bottoms or anything that cuts you off at the widest part of your leg, be it your thigh, knee or calf. And adding detail, volume and attention to your upper half with structured tops and flowing fabrics that skim your waist and hips.

Here are some of my top tips and buys from the high street right now:


We’re talking statement patterns, collars, embellishment, halter-necks and boxy shapes. Even the humble shoulder-pad is your friend. I love this cute sweatshirt from Topshop.

Go for bell-shaped coats, double-breasted blazers that sit over your hips, waterfall detailing and not too much fabric as it can be swamping. This boxy coat from Cos is a perfect seasonal staple and best worn with the belt loose.


If you don’t own one already I’d get purchasing pronto. They’re the perfect lightweight over-coat and can be teamed with a multitude of tops and dresses to give you extra bum-covering confidence. This one from Asos is great. 


The chances are you shy away from skirts because you’re not sure what style / length to go for. Keep them dark,simple and structured to give you a streamline lower half. Choose a low to mid rise cut rather than high-waisted. You can definitely can wear shorter skirts (a-line and pencil) but I would recommend teaming with dark tights or slight heels to elongate your legs. I love this wool skirt with front split from Crea Concept.


Again, focus on your top half with embellishment, halter-necks, collars etc. If you’re going to go short, choose an A-line cut. Just below-the-knee is also perfect for you but remember the dark tights/slight heel trick. I’ve chosen this beautiful maxi dress as I love the column shape and it’s the perfect silhouette to promote that golden body balance:


Dark trousers are best for you and I’d recommend structured and fitted fabrics that give some extra support. Always choose a mid to low-cut waist rather than anything that cuts you off at the slimmest part of your body, making your bottom half look bigger. Straight and tapered trousers are preferable to wide or boot cut trousers/jeans. I love these skinny turn-ups from Zara.


Stay away from anything that cuts you off at the widest part of your leg – ideally a shoe boot or a knee boot. A slight, wearable heel is always preferable as is a selection of nude shoes that elongate the leg. I LOVE these mules from Office:

Put one or all of the above together (give or take a skirt/dress/pair of trousers) and you’ve got the perfect outfit for your lovely triangular body shape. Treat yourself to a well-deserved break from the kids, go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel great. Focus instead on building up the items and staples that are perfect for your body shape. Happy shopping MOLOs!

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