The expression ‘retail therapy’ exists for a reason. Shopping has genuine health benefits and is scientifically proven to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Here’s how:

1. It’s a mood lifter

We’re all familiar with that lovely boost you get when you buy something nice. Without doubt, shopping is associated with a sense of achievement; it’s a rewards-based experience that releases endorphins. All three conspire to give us that all-important psychological lift. Research proves that the effects of shopping are directly linked to the part of the brain connected to pleasure and positive thinking. One study has even found that just thinking about certain items in your wardrobe can give you a confidence boost.

2. It lowers stress levels

At its very essence, shopping with a friend or with someone you trust is all about social interaction. Connecting with people and having any kind of bonding experience is scientifically proven to give us a sense of belonging, to improve our mood and reduce stress levels. To those who are reading this and thinking that shopping is the embodiment of STRESS, I can guarantee that a styling experience tailored to make you feel better is a certified stress buster.

3. It’s empowering

Dressing to impress works. We all know that first opinions are made in a matter of seconds. Various studies verify that success levels can be directly linked to the psychological affects of what one’s wearing. I myself used to dress up for exams at school and uni. It made me feel more confident and unquestionably helped boost my performance. Looking your best goes hand in hand with doing your best.

3. It facilitates a New You

Shopping can be a rich source of mental preparation. As people shop they naturally visualise how and where they’ll wear the items they’re considering. In doing so they’re also playing with the idea of a new (more confident/successful/attractive?) them. As many great athletes will attest, visualisation is a bonafide performance booster and anxiety reducer. 

5. It counts as exercise  

Let’s face it, as much as we often can’t be bothered, moving makes us feel better. Debenhams recently tested ten shoppers with pedometers and surveyed 2,000 female shoppers to calculate the health benefits of a shopping trip. It found that the average person could lose up to a 400 whopping calories in one trip. Shopping = exercise = mood boost.

So, there you have it. What we wear can genuinely make us feel better. Clothes that evoke positive feelings, generate positive reactions from others, or that remind us of positive experiences, can make us feel happier. My advice is to invest some time and energy into you. To Dress Yourself Well, no matter how low, knackered or harassed you’re feeling. It could be just the right amount of TLC needed to give your mood that vital lift…