The Body + Colour Code is a simple style system designed to help you understand how to shop and dress to look your best. I am a freelance fashion stylist and this approach forms the basis of all the work I do with my clients.


It involves understanding three crucial elements about yourself: SHAPE + COLOUR + IDENTITY

  • YOUR BODY SHAPE - the cuts and styles that best flatter your body.

  • YOUR COLOUR PALETTE - the optimum range of colours that make your complexion look its most clear and radiant.

  • YOUR STYLE IDENTITY - the style that is best suited to your taste, personality and lifestyle.

Once you understand Your Code, shopping and choosing outfits will become so much easier and much less stressful. It will encourage you to eliminate the items in your wardrobe that no longer work, teach you how to shop with confidence, save money by minimising shopping mistakes, and encourage you to experiment with a wider range of colours and styles.


I decided to launch The B + C Code because most of my clients share the same types of concerns about their bodies and appearance and I wanted to provide a resource for people experiencing similar challenges and crises of confidence.

Looking in the mirror and focusing on the negatives is a universal problem. We tend to fixate on the areas we don’t like when we should be celebrating and enhancing the bits we do. Learning how to shop and dress based on your SHAPE + COLOUR + IDENTITY formula will teach you how to accentuate your assets and give you a crucial confidence boost.


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your body has changed and you don’t know how to dress your new shape.

  • You’ve lost your sense of self and with it, your sense of style.

  • You’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes yet never have anything to wear.

  • You have a busy life and need a stylish wardrobe that works efficiently.

  • You hate shopping and can never find anything that suits you.

My clients include people who have had life or career change and want to become more visible personally or professionally, mothers with new bodies who have lost their sense of self and want to reconnect with their wardrobes (as a mother of two young children I’ve been there and COMPLETELY understand), patients whose bodies have changed as a result of treatment, and frankly anyone in need of a style reset and a confidence boost.



Here’s a quick bit about me:


I am a London and Cheshire based Stylist and Colour Consultant. I was a TV and Digital Fashion Producer for over 10 years, working with clients including BBC1, Channel 4, ASOS, Marks & Spencer, Elle,, Mr Porter and London Fashion Week. Having collected and sold vintage clothing for years (I still love doing the odd market), I retrained as an Image Consultant and quickly combined producing with wardrobe. I now mix telly jobs with personal styling and absolutely love helping people look good to feel amazing.

Anna x