The Body + Colour Code involves understanding three crucial elements about yourself:


  • YOUR BODY SHAPE - the cuts and styles that best flatter your body.

  • YOUR COLOUR PALETTE - the optimum range of colours that make your complexion look its most clear and even.

  • YOUR STYLE IDENTITY - the style that is best suited to your taste, personality and lifestyle.

Once you understand Your Code, shopping and choosing outfits will become so much easier and much less stressful. It will encourage you to eliminate the items in your wardrobe that no longer work, teach you how to shop with confidence, save money by minimising shopping mistakes, and encourage you to experiment with a wider range of colours and styles.


are you having a CRISIS OF confidence?

We have all been there. Life changing events, like having a baby, illness, unemployment, divorce or bereavement, can have a huge impact on our confidence, wellbeing and sense of self. Concerns about body image and appearance can cause profound unhappiness and is an universal stress trigger, particularly amongst women. We are extremely hard on ourselves as a sex and fixating on our flaws, rather than celebrating the bits we do like, is an epidemic problem.

A crucial step in boosting your self esteem and being kinder to yourself is figuring out how to feel good again. The Body + Colour Code encourages this style self-care by teaching you how to accentuate your assets and dress with confidence and contentment.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your body has changed and you don’t know how to dress your new shape.

  • You’ve lost your sense of self and with it, your sense of style.

  • You’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes yet never have anything to wear.

  • You have a busy life and need a stylish wardrobe that works efficiently.

  • You hate shopping and can never find anything that suits you.

My clients include:

Those who have had LIFE OR CAREER CHANGE and want to become more visible personally or professionally

MOTHERS with new bodies who want to reconnect with their wardrobes (as a mother of two young children I’ve been there and COMPLETELY understand)

PATIENTS whose bodies have changed as a result of treatment

ANYONE in need of a style reset and a confidence boost!